opentick alternatives

I just started looking into getting data again and…

Unknown - Nov 0, 2009

I just started looking into getting data again and found opentick is gone :(
Thanks for this post!

You’re most welcome. Let me know if you find anything that should be included in the list.

Check out this page for other alternatives: Real-Time Tick Data Vendors


Thanks for the link. I found that page as well, but didn’t include any of those vendors because they appear very expensive. Therefore, not really substitutes for opentick.

As stated on that page, QuantHouse is ~$6,000 / month; Digital Data Feed is about half that. I’ll try to find prices for the other vendors and I’ll add them to the list if they aren’t too expensive.

Thanks for the post. As a student all of these feeds seem a bit expensive. Are there any alternatives for doing non-commercial research? I am mostly interested in visualization of live data at the moment. I was thinking of using Google data apis. Thoughts?

Hi dan,

Universities sometimes have access to data for research purposes, so I’d check with your school first.

Some brokerages provide access to data if you have an account with them (Interactive Brokers, Lime, etc.).

I don’t know anything about the Google Data APIs, but it looks like quantmod can do what their Financial API does…


You can check CQG API too. Its not too cheap, but not terribly expensive. Depends on how many exchanges to listen.

Hotspot also provides market data.

Quotetracker’s website has a page devoted to enumerating data sources: Some are inexpensive and APIs are available for small fees as well, e.g. Marketfeed

Thanks for the suggestions Alexander and Roy.

I’d like to add to your list:
- (another post mentions ‘cqg’, sry if we’re referring to the same thing); about cqg I can say that I’ve asked their support team a question a few days ago and got absolutely nothing in reply.

Any good feeds for intra-day quotes? XML web service based, or API?

I would like to add one of the best providers of Market data to the list.

if you ever do any business with them tell them Cit gave you the link :)